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Paterno Gaming is back!

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Hello everyone,

As most of you have noticed we have been offline/inactive since mid February. This is because of many reasons one is because I lost the motivation to start new things within the community and also because we lost a very valuable member @Gormrik, he resigned as community owner at the start on February and we miss him a lot (If you want to read up on his resignation click here), I could not thank him enough for what he did to help create this community.

So, what have we been up to?

Since we shut down our servers and website back in February we have just been playing games together as we usually do on teamspeak. Recently we have been playing League of Legends and Runescape. The teamspeak has been active since we have closed everything down and we have just all been enjoying life.

What has changed since the community has been down?

Recently we have been working on the website/forums to make it a better experience for everyone that uses or visits our website, we have added a few more feature for you all, we will make a post later on what you can do with the new features.

We have also had a change on how we accept people into the community and also we are currently working on our new staff team. I would also like to welcome @_UltimatuM_ into our staff team as an owner of the community with me and @Ven, he is a great asset to the community and will help make Paterno great again, if you have any questions or even want to say hi to him feel free to spam poke him on teamspeak ;).

So what have we got planned for the community?

For the past 1-2 months we have been working on getting a few servers up for our community, the first of our servers that we aim to launch are an Arma 3 Role Play server and also an Arma 3 Exile server, with this in mind we have been working on a new staff team and also a development team for our Arma servers. We are currently still working on the servers and we have had our good friend @Walla help make us some cool content for us, one being a statue for us. We will also be hosting more servers for different games in the near future.


Keep in this mind that this is an WIP

Where has my rank gone?

We currently ran into a few bugs with our groups and teamspeak sync, due to this we had to re-create these groups. If you want your old group back you will need to log into the forums and re-sync your Teamspeak by unlinking and linking back your teamspeak ID here. If you believe that you do not have the correct rank please contact a staff member.


We would like to thank every single one of you for staying with us and patiently waiting for us to do something. Yes we do see every single person that visits the forums daily to see what is happening.

Anyway, if anyone has any questions or feedback feel free to post below. Once again we thank you for being such valuable members.

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