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  1. This is facebook. And like always I am late to the party. Happy Birthday man. 

  2. until
    Hello dear Albion Guild, I will start the first Gathering-Run today. To get materials for the guild we will start from the bottom to have enough materials for the refining when it comes to high tier mats. This Gathering-Run will start in BH with an escort to Amisbridge. Following this we will farm T1 - T3 Materials of every kind around Amisbridge and then get an escort back to Boneharbour to store everything on the guild island. When is the event? 21:00 UTC and will take about 1 1/2 hours Teamspeakchannel: Meetup in Channel: Room 1 Who can join? Everyone What do we need? People: Gatherers and Scouts for the Escort Materials: Tools for the materials you plan to gather & high tier ox Bonus Information: You will get Chicken-Pie from the guild. If you need any bags or oxes tell me before so I can take care of it. I will start building the group half an our before the event starts. make sure to be there with everything you need. If you want to come with me please leave a comment below with the Mats you want to farm so I can plan everything. NOTE: 90% or more of the materials farmed in this run will be given to the guild to start building up our crafting chain for the new guild system. See you on the battlefield, Crirati