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    Community Rules These are the community rules and apply on all of our services, e.g Teamspeak, Forums and Game Servers. The Community rules will be updated regularly, so please make sure you keep checking back. If you break any of these rule in anyway you may get punished depending on the admins discretion. Please follow our Staff ladder/chain of command (Highest > Lowest) If you have any issue or any decision has to be made please contact the next highest ranking staff. Founder Systems Operator Head Admin Admin Moderator Support Team Read the Rules of your current game (If you're playing any). These can be found HERE Read our Teamspeak Rules HERE No illegal activities/cheating within the community (This will include hacking, cheating, DDossing, duping, exploiting and many more) No Racism, No toxic behavior and No offending other people in this community. Think twice before you make a bad mistake, if you are unsure if your breaking a rule DONT do it! Go to a staff member and ask them to help you out. Respect all members of the community. If you are caught adding other peoples teamspeak UUID's to the forum for them to get an advantage you will be punished. Warning Points If you receive any warning points they will remain on your profile for 30 days. Reaching 30 warning points with in the 30 days will result in a permanent ban from Paterno Gaming. Below are the maximum warning points that you can get for breaking a rule. Please check the Game/Server rules that you are playing on for other warning points/information. illegal activities/cheating 1st Offence > 7 Day ban and 10 warning points 2nd Offence > permanent ban and 30 warning points Racism/toxic behavior/ offending others 1st Offence > Verbal warning and 5 warning points 2nd Offence > 1 Day ban and 10 warning points 3rd Offence > permanent ban and 30 warning points
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